Spoon Man

Come and get “SPOONED” at Svensk Hyllningsfest!

Which is a lot better than getting forked or knifed. Stop sitting around the house getting
all tarnished up and come out and have some clean fun.

The “Spoon Man” is a Published Author who offers a hilarious interactive comedy
program for all ages. He gives a real stirring performance. Everyone will really eat
him up. No bibs required. The “Spoon Man” has a totally clean act. He never uses
dirty silverware. The “Spoon Man” will leave a lasting impression after playing on
you (literally). It’s a spoonful of family fun.

The “Spoon Man” has been playing the spoons for nearly 35 years (he never had a
social life) professionally for 23 years. He is married with 5 kids and a mortgage and
supports his family by playing the spoons (by the grace of God).

His program contains several outrageous impressions such as Glen Miller and Elvis
combining together, A Heavy Metal Spoon Player and A Rap Spoon Player. He has an
audience sing-a-long competition. He creates a Mountain Band out of members of the
audience. You may also see him play forks and knives. In addition, if that is still not
enough, everyone has an opportunity to get “SPOONED.”