Chairman's Message

As the summer comes to a close and autumn brings cooler temperatures and the rustling of the leaves, a buzz can be felt throughout the community as volunteers, business owners and school children prepare themselves for a whirl wind weekend. A weekend that occurs every odd year and provides a small town in Kansas an opportunity to celebrate and share its Swedish heritage with thousands of visitors from around the world.

Svensk Hyllningsfest (Swedish Honoring Festival) has now surpassed 75 years of existence and continues to thrive as residents don Swedish costumes, perform Swedish folk dances and honor those ancestors who settled in this area long ago. This unique festival is not only fun for visitors to get a taste of Sweden in the middle of Kansas, but allows for the community of Lindsborg to flourish and show off the charm and character that attracts so many.

As Co-Chairs of this festival, it’s not only a privilege to lead such a dedicated group of committed
volunteers, but it fills us with a pride knowing that we are now a part of history. Along with so many
who have filled these shoes, we are proud to have helped carry this festival forward another year and to preserve the heritage that defines this community. We are so pleased that you have joined us for this 2017 Svensk Hyllningsfest and hope you will enjoy all that Little Sweden has to offer.


John Hawk & Eric Lundstrom
Svensk Hyllningsfest Co-Chairs